Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm Zonin, Spinadoodles 4

The fourth collection of Spinadoodles has arrived! It's 4"x6", 192 pages and perfect bound, published by Tinto Press and now available IN MY STORE! It's only $10 and I'd love to draw in it for you if you want, just ask. It's definitely the best looking Spinadoodles collection so far, it's a perfect little size! It collects all the diary strips I drew when I was 25 years old (June 26th 2012 – June 25th 2013), including a lot that I never put online! GET YOUR COPY TODAY! (if you want. thank you)


John said...

Great book.

Sam Spina said...

thank you John!

Scorpio Steele said...

Looks great, Sam. I'll have to get one.