Monday, June 10, 2013


The Denver Comic Con was great this year! My friend Casey from AZ visited, it's always fun hanging with him.

I didn't have any new books or anything to sell, so I printed up some 5x5 digital prints, which are AVAILABLE IN MY SHOP! I only have a few sets left, so pick one up if you want one! And hey, I also make som butt buttons, which I will throw in to any order until they're gone, I have like 20 or so left. Check out the prints and the buttons:

Those buttons were a hit. Here's some sketches I made at the show:

And here's what I drew in Jeffrey Brown's Sketchbook:

And finally here are some jam comics I made with my friend Casey:

All in all it was a really fun show. I already bought my table for next year! 

And don't forget, get your BUTT BUTTON today! (order something, ok?)


Jonny Metro said...

I purchased all three of your daily diary comics at the con, and loved them all. I wish I had read them before the con was over. If I had known how much I liked them, I would've gone back and bought more of your stuff.

Sam Spina said...

Thanks Jonny! already bought my table for next years show. Save up, I'm raising all my prices BIG TIME

(no I'm not)