Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Debuts at APE

I'm leaving tomorrow to go hang with my San Francisco friends and I'll be tabling at APE this weekend! If you live in SF, you GOTTA go, the show's going to be awesome, and I'm debuting 2 new books! The new Spinadoodles collection, and my very first published comic that I've been working on all year, the Frantastic Four! Come say hi and pick them up this weekend if you can, I'll put them for sale online when I get back in town. Here are the covers:

Spinadoodles is the same size as the other collections, and just as big. 7"x7" and over 100 pages. $7

The Frantastic Four is regular comic size! I don't remember the exact dimensions, but it's physically the biggest book I've made so far! 48 pages, $5


tintorcio said...

Nice cover!

Mark P Hensel AKA William Cardini said...

Awesome dude I'm looking forward to seeing you and your new books!

Robin Cain said...

Excitement!!! Congrats... that is the coolest!

GARZA said...

Dude!!! Thats so sick your going to APE!! Man I'm super stoked for you, your gunna kill it in SF! I can't wait to read spinadoodles and frantastic four to Jonny! Jonny says, 'sup foo!'