Monday, October 22, 2012

APE trip!

WHEW! So it's been a couple crazy weeks, I finally have time to post these comics. I was in San Francisco for the Alternative Press Expo and man, that was a really fun trip. I got to see all my awesome Cola friends, check out an awesome city, and go to maybe the coolest convention I've ever been to. I met so many rad people at APE and got to hang with some new freinds.
ALSO, this past weekend was 24 hour comics day, so I have a new 24 page minicomic that I'll finish up this week called DAGGURS: TROUBLED YOUTH, aaaaand I got copies of Frantastic Four and my new Spinadoodles collection that I will put in the store soon. And Samantha left today for 2 weeks :(


GARZA said...

That trip sounds like it was really rad! Sweet pic with Chaz!

Matt said...

I'm so jealous that (a) you got to go to APE, and (b) you hung out with Melinda and Aaron. Nice work, dude!

Sam Spina said...

Yeah matt, Melinda and Aaron are the coolest! They're one of those couples that make you feel like you're really good friends even though you just met yesterday.