Thursday, February 2, 2012


As always, I had SO much fun hanging with my AZ friends. I love them all.
Yeah, I got a sweet tat! It's my Arizona girl with a roadrunner headdress, by Paulski, a rad tattoo artist in Chandler AZ, my hometown. I also got a sick little cross like Jon.
Can't wait to go back to Arizona for Phoenix Con in May! #conlife

I'm really Bummed I didn't do Hourly Comics day yesterday, I thought it would be boring because I was just working all day, but they would've been fine. I'll do it next year for sure. Also check this cool Suspect Device 2 video, I'm going to be in it when it comes out! Looks awesome.


Shayle said...

Gotta love dat megapost.
I don't think it's wrong to buy a lot of awesome stuff, as long as it doesn't become a habit.

I imagine Samantha swiping your phone, and as she does, she falls asleep mid swipe. You have nothing to do but go along with it and take a nap because, hey, what else are you gonna do!

Josh Blair said...

Yay! Sam's back. Awesome tattoo, by the way.

Matt said...

Dude, that tattoo is killer. I'm so jealous. I plan on getting tattooed again this year, too; I'm going for a 3/4 sleeve. Looks like you had a blast in AZ; I wanna hang out with you and Garza. Your trips almost seem like so much fun.

miss nash said...

That is one BEAUTIFUL TATTOO. BEAUTIFUL! I think you can be forgiven for not doing hourlies... You do draw one every day! Have a fun time on your trip! x

Sam Spina said...

Daaaaang Matt a 3/4 sleeve?! That's pretty hardcore. And thanks April!