Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Welp, sorry I haven't been posting lately, I wasn't feeling good. I promise I'll update everyday starting now. SIKE! I'm going to AZ for a week to ride dirtbikes into the sunset. AZ MEGAPOST in 7 days! Later!


Matt said...

Yes! More Spinadoodles! I'm glad you're feeling better, brother. I absolutely love that close-up of Greege's eyes. So funny! I hope you're enjoying that iPhone. I want one but they're too expensive; my momther-in-law has one and she's always struggling with that Siri thing, too. It'd be so much faster just to type/dial/click whatever she wants, you know? Anyways, have fun in the desert, man. I can't wait for the megapost. :D

Shayle said...

Welp I was trying to decide between a Nexus and an iPhone for my new plan... and I think fate is telling me which to get o: !!

Hopefully more daily updates after the megapost next week. It's painful to check back here all the time and find no new gags!

ALSO that is the funniest Greege comic yet

J Greene said...

I was exactly the same way when I got my iPhone until I got a screen protector haha! :)