Monday, January 9, 2012

comics and reviews

Check out all these reviews I've been getting!

Poopsheet reviews Grandma Stories!

Poopsheet reviews FIGHT!

Optical Sloth reviews FIGHT!

They were all very nice, especially the optical sloth one! The poopsheet review of Fight is a little spoilery so if you haven't read Fight, don't read it. You know Fight is my longest comic (80 pages) and only 5 bucks, right? RIGHT?!


Shayle said...

RIGHT! And I goooot it :D

Did you draw that last one while wasted?

Matt said...

I gotta catch up on my mini-comics reading. I do get paid soon, though... ;)

Looks like you had an awesome weekend, Sam.

GARZA said...

Dang doo, nice reviews! #FIGHTLIFE Man you shoulda gone HAM on that guy for throwing beer in your face

tintorcio said...

Interesting style. single width pen. I this case I think they're working! Have these reviews translated into any sales for you? I'm curious what sort of benefit the reviews are.

Sam Spina said...

@shayle Yes!

@matt Yes!

@jon Thanks dood! and nah, he's my bud.

@ted nah no sales, just a confidence boost