Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Food comics

Tomorrow I leave for Columbia, SC for a week, so I'll leave you with some painting stuff.

First, here's a painting I did for my boi Chaz. It's pretty big (way bigger then I usually do anything, like 16" x 20" I think)and it lead me to make this COMIC for Melissa Mendes's Freddy.
This next one is a small painting for a lady that eats at the restaurant I work at.
She wanted something a little more 'classic' looking so I redid it all browny.
Well hope you guys have a fun Christmas! <3 U


Matt said...

Dude, you cook eggs in the microwave? No wonder they taste gross. I make egg white omelets all the time with salsa and sour cream. They're fucking awesome.

Those paintings are incredible. You totally knocked that brown-y one out of the park.

Merry Christmas to you, too, and enjoy your vacation!

GARZA said...

whoooa that painting for Chaz is totally RAD! And that other painting looks really cool too, especially classic style, I could barely tell that you did that one!

Kevin said...

I do that when KT's away, too.

Dave said...

The paintings are awesome!