Friday, November 11, 2011

Stupid me and 2 important things!


1. Remember when I said I was going to donate all my T-shirt profits to charity? Welp, I finally did! I donated $500 to CARE. Samantha helped me choose the right charity, and we went with them because they give the most percentage of donations to the actual charity, not for fundraising, advertising and salaries and stuff. So a big thanks to everyone that ordered a t-shirt!!! I don't think I've actually made $500 on them yet, but I still have 3 smalls, 6 mediums and 5 larges left, so by the time I sell those I will! So hey, if you still want one... BUY ONE! Thanks again!

 2. COWTOWN COMIX FEST is tomorrow! It's at the Auraria Campus downtown in the Tivoli building from 2pm to 9pm. Last year was a blast, and it's free, so if you live in Denver you should totally come and support some local cartoonists! YEAH!


Matt said...

You're a talented and generous fellow, Sam Spina. Have a great weekend!

tintorcio said...

There's that fire I was talkin' about! Well done!
That's very nice you donated the money to charity sir

GARZA said...

whoa!!! $500 on shirts man! Thats really awesome! Nice job helping out humanity!