Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pics and Anthologies

I'm in two Awesome Anthologies that are coming out soon/are already out! First is AFTERSHOCK, a really nice looking, perfect bound book that was compiled to benefit the disaster in Japan. There are a lot of awesome artists in the book, including Noah Van Sciver, AZ's own JON GARZA, and even Jeffery Brown! what! You can BUY IT HERE, and know that you're helping a good cause. Even before the book came out, they raised over $500! that's rad. Also, my story is the first one! nice! The second is Suspect Device, Josh Bayer's book that mashes up Nancy and Garfield strips! the first one was really funny and I'm pumped to be in the second one. He put up a little preview of mine HERE.


GARZA said...

SWEEET! Dude I gots to check out both anthologies! I cant wait to see what you did for the Japan one! Congrats on getting in the other book too!

Matt said...

Why does Sam seem so surprised when you do weird stuff? You're a cartoonist! Cartoonists are weird, naturally. Awesome news with the anthologies, too, dude.