Friday, September 16, 2011

Munny Self-Portrait

My comics are sucking lately... Anyways, I painted a Munny yesterday for the Bordo Bello art show in a few weeks! I kinda wanted to push myself to do something a little different (not just doodle cartoony stuff all over it like I would usually do), so I decided to make a self portrait in a painterly style. Mostly because I can't remember the last time I drew myself (zing!). It ended up being way more cartoony than I thought, but I think the colors are cool. Here's some process shots:

A few secret notes:

And the final!

Munny's always come with bonus items, and mine was the hair. I made the nose out of sculpy though. Here are some turn-arounds!

And finally, a video!


GARZA said...

Sick munny dude! The addition of the nose is awesome! hahah love the video!!

Matt said...

What?! You think your comics have sucked lately? That's crazy talk, man. Your stuff is awesome. And you paint a mean Munny, too.

o f l o d a said...

The Munny is brilliant! Great stuff man.

Brett said...

Looks great

tintorcio said...

Dude! your comix are NOT Sucking lately! NOT NOT NOT!

tintorcio said...

whuuu.. so, that's a mummy...?