Tuesday, September 13, 2011


FINALLY! I'm back from SPX (mega-post comics tomorrow) and ready to put up my two new books for sale in MY STORE! First up is the longest single story comic I've done, the Xeric-winning FIGHT!

It's an 80 page, perfect bound, graphic novella about the world champion of fighting, FIGHT! Usually my comics are pretty cutesy, so this was my attempt at making a gross comic. There's lots of blood, barfing, milking and cuss words, so it's not for babies. Best of all it's only $5 plus $1 shipping! A steal! Here's the first chapter of the 8 chapter story ON MY FLICKR.

Next up, my second year collection of my daily Spinadoodles strip! It's actually more like a year and two months. It's over 100 pages, with over 400 strips and some pretty sweet extras! It's a 7" x 7" monster of a book. And I put alllllll the comics in here, even the ones I was too embarrassed to put on my blog. Here are some pics:

It's only $7 plus $2 shipping, available now at the SPINADOODLES STORE! Here's the introduction page from the book to give you a sweet lil' taste:

In other store news, as of now I only have 1 XL, 10 or so Larges, 10 or so Mediums, and like 5 small shirts left to buy, so get on that if you want one! I also have a couple mess-ups in each size if you guys want an effed up discounted one, haha. Hit me up if you do! Oh and Thanks!


tintorcio said...

shoot man! I'm chompin' at the bit fer the stuff! When can I come git it?

miss nash said...

Woo! YEAH! BRING ON PAYDAY! - looking awesome Sam! x

Matt said...

Wow. Congrats, man. I'll definitely be ordering those soon... On a side note: 23?! Dude, you're so young. You've got a long, awesome comics career ahead of you. I hope "Fight" is the first of many big projects for you.

smb said...

Woo hoo! Go Sam! These look so awesome, I'm glad this shit ain't for babies. Good luck buddy!

GARZA said...

Yeaaaa dooo! Cant wait to get my hands on a fight!!!

Shayle said...

Please hold on to a medium for me! (gettin dat cash money soon enough)