Tuesday, August 9, 2011


OK, I set up a T-shirt pre-order button IN MY STORE! So if you told me you wanted a t-shirt, go order one! I'm only making enough for people who say they want one. And all profits go to charity! Tell your friends.

And local Denver cartoonist, MISTER V (i couldn't find a link, but his comics are sweet), scanned in this page from 'this months previews!' What is 'this months previews,' you ask? Who can say! It's cool though.


Josh Blair said...

That's from the Diamond Comics' Previews catalog. They always publish the Xeric winners. Very cool! Lots of exposure for you.

GARZA said...

thats sweet dude! Steph and I going to join the #FIGHT and both get shirts, WOOO!

Matt said...

You've never flipped through the "Previews" catalog? It's so awesome/depressing. I hope the exposure leads to lots of orders.

tintorcio said...

I Want it I want it. go ahead and make it L or XL depending on the relative size of the shirts. I don't want to pay the shipping or I'd have done it online.
(Cheap I know)