Monday, July 11, 2011


I've changed my blog to 'summerjams style' because it's finally hot outside.

Me and Samantha got a SUPER BA package from JON AND STEPHANIE GARZA this weekend! Along with other stuff (dirtbike t-shirt) they sent us these sick mugs!

So dope, they're the best.

In other news, Tyler (a guy I work with) is starting a studio and I made his logo, check it HERE. Also, I discovered this pretty cool website called Tumblr! It's sorta like a blog version of twitter, and seems pretty sweet! I decided to start mine now before EVERYONE has one, cuz trust me, this thing is gonna be BIG!

Mine's called YEA BOIIIII, and it's stuff from my sketchbooks! CHECK IT.

(maybe I should mention that I stole that picture from PATRICKS tumblr....)


Josh Blair said...

I really like the new style of your blog. Looks great!

GARZA said...

that reading looks like it was totally BA! glad yall liked the mugs! Drinking coffee and tea will be an experience like none other!

GARZA said...

oh yeah! such a great idea for the tumblr! so totally followed ya! said...

noooo not more things to RSS on my Google Reader! my mornings are getting shorter and shorter. love the new blog look

o f l o d a said...

The blog looks dope. Bad ass!