Saturday, July 16, 2011

Within and Without

WASHED OUT rules, I'm so pumped on this album right now, it's just so, summer.

And shiiiit! Did you guys hear about THIS CRAZY XERIC NEWS? (thanks MATT for letting me know about it) I just made the cut! and have you guys seen the other winners? SEAHEFF and PICKET LINE.

And OK! Last thing! I submitted to an anthology called AFTERSHOCK (along with big time cartoonists like Noah Van Sciver and Jeffery Brown), it's about the disaster in Japan and all the profits will go to help them out. He started a Kickstarter to help with printing costs, so it would be cool if you donated! DO IT HERE!


Matt said...

Whoa! Link-apalooza today! I gotta get clickin'.

GARZA said...

album is awesome so far! I'm gonna be painting to it tonite! Thanks again dood! So pumped to see aftershock when its done, cant wait to see your piece and I hope my piece made it too!