Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm back from New Hampshire! Me and Samantha went for a week to hang with her family. Here are the comics:

It was a lot of fun, it's very nice being up there. Here's a photo collage of some stuff we did:

We also took a lot of photos (like of me on a dirtbike!) with Sam's mom's camera, so maybe more pics soon?

ALSO, while I was up there I showed Samantha's Mom (again...haha) how to post her awesome art on her blog! Everything she makes rules, and she's making art ALL THE TIME, so hopefully we'll see more stuff soon! CHECK HER OUT


TAC said...

Nice 'Shire post!

You didn't like the refreshing ocean water of Hampton Beach? Takes your breath away! Is that boardwalk still stuck in the 1980's?

And (my) Dad's car, the 300, Samantha didn't like riding around in that boat? Loved driving that when I was a teenager!

Josh Blair said...

The trick to tennis is to play someone with whom you are easily matched. So in my case, if I play someone who sucks, but doesn't horribly suck, then I can enjoy the game. If they are better than me, I get my ass kicked and never hit the ball. If they are worse than me, then they hit the ball out of bounds/over the fence/etc and I never hit the ball.

Also, on Monday I was wondering what it would be like to be in a plane on the Fourth of July. Now I know.

Sam Spina said...

haha tyler, the ocean was painfully cold. Like, i wouldn't even drink water that cold.

And samantha just doesn't like being a spectacle, and that car is DEFINITELY a spectacle. Have you seen it since they re-did it?

And I still think tennis sucks josh.

GARZA said...

hahahaha rectangle face!! thats awesome you went dirt bike riding out there, was it in the forest or something? That's like one place I think would be sick to ride

TAC said...

Sam-I heard they were going to get pricing to see how much it would be, but have not seen or heard anything.

Matt said...

Breakfast burger?! Why am I just hearing about this now?