Friday, July 8, 2011

It would be funny!

It's very late (they got married on June 25th), but CONGRATULATIONS to Austin and Megan! They're the best, me and Samantha were super bummed we couldn't go to their wedding. Have you listened to Austin's music, VALLEY MAKER? It rules.

Also, I'm doing a comics reading with some other local cartoonists this Saturday in Boulder. Google the names of all those guys, they all make great comics! Denver has a sweet comics scene:

Noah said he's going to read a part of the Hypo for the first time! Can't wait!


Matt said...

I'm still forever indebted to you for introducing me to that Valley Maker album; it's incredible! Congrats to Austin and his bride.

(And I thought the gift card thing was funny, dude.)

Pierce said...

That would have been a perfect gift :P

PS. I really liked your action lines the other day with the tennis rackets

Rafael Tapia III said...

HAHA!!! Yes!

tintorcio said...

FFFFFPPPPPP. Whheeeeww! (big drag on a cigarette) Man, Don't go that long without a post ever again! I was seeing bugs on me!

GARZA said...

hahah great gift card idea!