Thursday, June 2, 2011

Greege prank and THE BURNING

Greege has had something in her eye yesterday. It was pretty cute:

AND ALSOOOOOOO here's me and JON'S new book! It's called 'THE BURNING: a childhood memories comic.''

We each tell a 10 page story about a time we bought some lighters and burned a stack of free newspapers when we were little kids! It's fun to see what we remember differently. Here's the first two pages of my story:

And here's the first two pages of Jon's story:

This was a super fun comic to make, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! It's also the first comic that I drew with a nib.

And the best part is, it's only ONE DOLLAR! You can buy it from me RIGHT HERE, and I'm sure Jon will put it on HIS SITE pretty soon! Jon also has a new art zine that he should be putting in his store soon, so maybe wait until they're both up so you can buy them ALLLLLLLLLLL.


Kyle Nolan said...


As a kid I would make my own homemade "fireworks". What I would do is tear up a roll of cap-gun strips and put them all in a wadded up piece of paper. I'd then use a magnifying glass to burn a hole in the paper. The caps would start to pop and then they would set off a chain reaction and all would start popping. Then eventually the whole wad of paper would burst into flames and I would run to the side of the house to get a hose and spray it down.

I never really played with lighters though, just my trusty magnifying glass. It wasn't until college that I discovered you could make a flame thrower out of an adjustable disposable lighter. If I had that knowledge as a kid who knows what would have happened.

Matt said...

I thought Greege was giving you the stink eye on purpose, which would have been amazing. I hope she's better now.

The Burning sound like an awesome project! Thanks for the previews.

GARZA said...

nice post man! Yeah Im gonna put mine up tonite!

SidHero said...

I bought this from you at Comicon PHX. You guys rock.

tintorcio said...

MAN! So Friggin' Cool!