Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Moms day / Lobo

Free comic book day was super awesome! Thanks a million to Time Warp comics in Boulder for letting me come and for putting on an awesome event. I sold a surprising amount of comics and got rid of all the Dog Craps I was giving away (although I have a few funny stories about moms and superhero guys picking it up because it's free, and then seeing what it is and putting it down, haha), and also got to hang with all my good comics friends! And check this awesome Kevin Caron sketch of Lobo I got!

Also I have never heard of Lobo before yesterday.

Kevin's site is


Vincent Simmons said...

Dude! come on I thought everyone knew about Lobo

GARZA said...

Cool dude!

tintorcio said...

Ha! It's got to be stressful dealing with the public like that. People are interested but are afraid of the hard-sell (which is the opposite of what you guys are about)

tintorcio said...

it is a good lobo sketch