Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend recap

Well, I thought this would be more of a recap, but all I can really say was that my talk went well. Thanks for everyone that came! The draw part of my 'talk and draw' was to come up with a doodley character and list a couple interesting facts about him. Surpisingly, everyone participated and you can check them all out HHHHEEEEERRRRREEEE but I'll post the winner: Jakes wrestling chair:

I really wish Jake would make his comics more accessible to the public (at least a blog or SOMETHING), cuz he's one of my favorite Denver cartoonists. His comics just FLOW.

And Sorry Dapo, not to be rude or anything... it's just a weird way to send a big piece of paper haha. I'll still draw on it and send it back (in a tube!). And jeez, if you guys aren't checking out LEVI'S BAUJAHR then you're crazy. It's probably my favorite continuing strip right now! Well maybe Strobe is. I love how he draws, check out his characters with Snood:

And hope you guys had a nice Easter! I did:


Matt said...

I'm glad your talk went well and you got some awesome packages. My Easter involved eating way too much food (yay!) and watching the Sabres lose Game 6 (boo!).

Levi Krause said...

Wow. Dang man, I'm blushing! LOL.

GARZA said...

Great job on the talk sesh! Hopefully you'll get to do more cool stuff like that in the future, looks like it was fun! Those submissions are really sweet too!

Simon said...

Don't worry, Sam. You're gonna get your newspapers soon enough.. once they've been printed, that is! And fear not, they'll be in sturdy, sturdy packaging. Granite, probably. Or not.