Friday, April 29, 2011

Pop Culture

My buddy Noah van Sciver got interviewed on one of my favorite comics podcasts, the Ink Panthers! He even name-dropped me! Listen to it if you wanna.

Also, I got BEGATED in Ted's comic! haha


Matt said...

This comic reminds me of an old (when they were awesome) Weezer lyric: "I asked you to go to the Green Day concert/you said you never heard of them/how cool is that?" Emily's not up on pop culture, either.

Also, I still have to catch up on my Inkstuds and Indie Spinner Rack podcasts. Now I've gotta start listening to Ink Panthers, too?! Sheesh! Thanks. :D

Sam Spina said...

haha, i really like ink panthers. prolly more than inkstuds. and yea pinkerton for life

Jason said...

Sam. Dude. I LOVE this comic. So good.

Also, I think Noah is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in comics right now, really inspiring work! Will give this a listen!