Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feeling Great

In other 'me feeling feeling awesome' news, check out this incredible comic by BILLY KELLY, sent to me by my friend MOLLY.

I love how that's drawn, and I think it's funny that being friends with Chaz is one of my defining characteristics, haha. I don't really know how to get in contact to Billy, but thanks man! You're the best!

Also, if you're in Denver on St. Patty's day, check out this PANEL DISCUSSION I'm participating in!


www.rcwoolley.com said...

love that you've got a mega fan. I need to doodle a Snood desktop meself

poor Billy.

GARZA said...

thats so cool man! Inspiring people is great!

Matt said...

That's awesome. Yeah, I think you and Chaz will always be linked. Your tombstone will say "Sam Spina: Artist and friend of Toro Y Moi." :D