Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

This saturday I had a small comic signing at a local comic shop with some other cartoonists, including Noah Van Sciver. Here's my comic from Saturday:

Proof that I didn't take Samantha's advice:

While waiting around all day (mainstream comic shops aren't really the best place to sell 'poorly drawn, photocopied doodles stapled by hand' comics by me or 'life sucks when am i ever going to be rich' comics by Noah), me and Noah drew this little comic:

Jeez seeing his comics side by side with mine makes we want to draw better! Also, I drew this Hourman in my sketchbook, because, comics, right?

And then finally, here's my comic from yesterday:


Brad said...

What kind of paper are you using your nibs on?

GARZA said...

Cool valentines day card and hourman! That's so cool you've been doing signings man, but I can totally see how doing them at mainstream shops would be hard

girlfacedana said...


amanduh said...

have that same hootie t. also, a dress. mine's signed by the heist though! totally gnar

Dad said...

HELP! I've been arrested by a one-legged super hero!

Sam Spina said...

@Brad, this was just drawn in my sketch book, and it's kinda toothy and absorbent. Maybe they would work better on something smoother/harder?

@jon Thanks dood

@dana RIGHT?

@amanda i'm not sure how i feel about that.

@dad is that really my dad? haha. and his leg is behind him DUH...