Monday, February 7, 2011

Eat Your Art Out 2011

No comic today, I'm saving it for tomorrow, along with big news that you're going to care about for sure. Ok maybe not that much, but still.

This year I was again invited to participate in an art show in LA benefiting the Angel City Derby Girls. A lot of sweet cartoonists/illustrators submit (like Jim Mahfood) and it's shown in Meltdown, LA's best comic shop! The show is Feb. 28th, and it sounds like a crazy party. Wish I could go! Here's the INFO.

Anyways, this years theme was "The Dark & Cryptic Origins of Nursery Rhymes," and I chose the pied piper. Here's the finished peice:

And here's some process shots! (click for bigger like always)

1. Pencil sketch on computer paper, then outlined in pen

2. Pen outline (to make it easier to see on a lightbox)

3. Pencil transfer to watercolor paper and a greenish wash to tone the paper

4. Watercolors

5. Ink outlines

6. Framed!

I'm not the best painter (I'm just too lazy) so I was trying to paint like one of my heroes, Scott C. A while ago he posted some process shots, and I've been waiting to try it ever since.


GARZA said...

dude this painting is so sick! Love your watercolors!

duffyallen said...

Oh man! You nailed it! It looks beautiful!

Robin Cain said...

Sam! This is awesome! THanks for posting the process! It's really inspiring. I love the pic too... the piper's outfit is pretty funny.

What kind of pen did you use on this one? is it a brush pen? I finally bought a really nice one (Pocket Pentel brush pen), but I haven't really gotten the hang of it yet.

o f l o d a said...

This is kick ass. I'm going to try and make it out to the show.

Leila del Duca said...

I hate that you're so clever >:( Drown violently.

Yours truly,

Your No. 1 Nemesis

Sam Spina said...

thanks friends and leila! and robin, I used a real brush for this with black ink mixed with red ink. and the pental pocket brush is the best! i swear by it. that's what i draw most of my comics in

Rafael Tapia III said...

I like your colors. And good idea, my Girlfriend is gonna like this one.

JaneDope said...

it's the 26th, you can still make it!!

Dapo said...


Jason said...

damn, Sam, this is great!