Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bald eagle / DOG CRAPS / bumper sticker

Ok! I'm finally ready to announce DOG CRAPS! A teeny tiny 12 page mini comic about dogs, you know, crapping. It's only 50 cents though, so just get one! Also, Samantha had a drawing in there, so it's sort of our first book together (a very big deal).

Also, I made some custom bumper stickers at buildasign.com! Check it:

I was going to charge people for these, but that's too hard and I'm too lazy! So how about you just buy some comics and I'll send one! Sound good? Cool! They're really nice quality, so stick them on your car with pride! haha maybe not your car, but something else. Actually if you put it on your car send me a picture. I want to see that.

So Dog Craps is on sale on the right hand side over there --> as well as some other, very well crafted mini-comics. The time is now. Buy those.

I mean, if you want. Thanks.


GARZA said...

OMG that mini book looks so RAD dude! And nice freakin bumper stickers!

Samantha said...

YESSSS! pumped for dog craps, sam!

o f l o d a said...

Ammmazing man!

Jason said...

Hahahaa, how could I possibly pass this one up?! I want one!

Yer but stuff button doesn't seem to be over there ---> for this one though?

Jason said...

hah, wait, I'm dumb! FOUND IT!

Justin Wood said...

OMG, I must get one of those bumper stickers...and I'm really damn serious because I hate people who use OMG in any context so this is unprecedented excitement! When is FIGHT! coming out because that was my next scheduled purchase of your wares (then again a book purely of dogs pooping is just awesome enough to raise my blood pressure).

Sam Spina said...

*sigh* i haven't worked on fight in like 2 months justin... I'm looking on having it out in the summer time. I want to get it nicely printed and stuff, so it's going to take a while. sorry!

Semen Rendi said...

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