Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tylerrr and CoM #12

Haha that one's drawn pretty poorly. They can't all be winners! Anyways, yesterday my comics friend ROBIN CAIN asked me to put up a blank coloring sheet so she could color it:

That would be awesome if anyone wanted to color it, send it to me when you're done!

ALSO, I made a 4 page comic called Thesil and Murk a while ago, and it's finally coming out this month in the new CANDY OR MEDICINE. I really really like this little story, and the book it's collected in is only $1, aaaaand you get to read 14 pages of other comics also! Buy it here! Here's the first page of my 4 page story:

While you're buying that one, you can buy the last volume as well, because I drew the cover. Josh Blair, the guy that puts together Candy or Medicine, also just started an awesome Mini-Comic a month thing on the Candy or Medicine blog. Each month he's going to post about a new mini comic! That's such a good idea, I'm going to buy them all. Support cartoonists!


Josh Blair said...

Thanks for the plugs, Sam!

GARZA said...

Nice dude! I'm so going to color that! Man I would love to see a full blown animation of your drawings, just that first page was so freakin cool!

They call me EB said...

Hehe... tender baby hands

Sam Spina said...

heck yeah jon! I would totally pay an animator (someday) to help me make a real cartoon! speaking of that... there's this cartoonist (graham annable) i LOVE that makes a comic called grickle, and he has an adventure game out that i just bought. It's so awesome to see some of my favorite comic characters actually move!

o f l o d a said...

Spinadoodle Animation sounds fantastic. Great comics and I'm going to try and color me some pizza. ^-^