Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toro visit MEGA POST

Gamecocks Won! Here's proof:

In retrospect, the outfit wasn't weird at all, maybe it was just that everyone else was still in pajamas, or that she was wearing a turby twist.

Man, seeing TORO Y MOI with a full band was incredible, and it was SUPER cool meeting NOSAJ THING, ADAM (The tours visuals guy) and JOGGER. They all killed it! Me and Samantha were extra excited to meet Jogger, because one of the two guys co-hosts a podcast we've been listening to for years, uhh yeah dude. But the best part of was just hanging with my friends:

So thanks CHAZ, PATRICK, ANDY, JORDAN and SAM B for being so cooooool. I'll leave you with this:


Bryce said...

wow, i'm totally jealous. great post.

They call me EB said...

Haha great video.

GARZA said...

awesome post man! Looks like yall had a lot of good times

Isaac said...

Heck Yeah!!! this post made my week, looks totally awesome.

Kid Trails said...

hahahaha awesome