Monday, October 11, 2010

Ice Powers

I was going to make a post just about all the small paintings I've done for people this year but instead decided to just make a Flickr album so I can keep updating it. So check it out RIGHT HERE and remember I do these small paintings for like $5! I've always hated Flickr's interface, but hey. I also Uploaded this sweet VIDEO from Bordo Bello. And also, thanks for everyone who ordered my SNOOD 24 hour comic! I'll mail them all out today or tomorrow.


GARZA said...

DUDE, all of those paintings are soo sick! You should enroll Samantha at Professor's Xavier School for the Gifted Youngsters.

They call me EB said...

The monocle man is fabulous.

neetz! said...

Pack of gum: $1.50.
Eye drops: $7.
The "busted" eye in the last panel: priceless.

Kid Trails said...

yeah man those paintings are rad