Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hangin with comic dudes!

It was really awesome meeting Josh Blair, the organizer of the Candy or Medicine anthologies, in real life. I drew the cover to the latest issue, and I have a 4 page story for the next one coming out in a couple months! You should pick a few up, they're only a dollar.

Also, check out this sweet post about my 24 hour comic by Bryce at Good Waves! His illustrations are getting better and better.


Robin Cain said...

Awesome! Got your mini yesterday!!! I'm really excited!

Jordan said...

Adrienne and I received "Snood and the Destroyer's Hole" yesterday. We used a letter opener so we wouldn't ruin the envelope drawings.

We were trying to figure out who was who in your monster drawing of the two of us. In our debate, I said: "well who is thinking about a butt?" Right as the words finished leaving my mouth, we noticed you wrote "you're both thinking of a butt," at the bottom.

We laughed really hard, but immediately realized this would be difficult to explain and a "you had to be there" moment. BUTT thank you for the awesome comic, Sam!

Josh Blair said...

I've been immortalized in a spinadoodles comic! Nice meeting you too. Sorry it was such a pain in the ass listening to me all night.

Sam Spina said...

Thanks robin!

Haha that's really funny jordan! glad you guys liked it! and it's super obvious to tell who's who, you're the crazy looking one and adrienne's the weird looking one.

and yeah josh, is was awesome hanging, see you next time?

Matt said...

Thanks for the tip, man. I'll have to check that out.