Friday, October 1, 2010

Bordo Bello 2010!

I seriously should have bought it, the starting bid was $20 and no one bid on it!

It's so epic! I love the colors, the total BA eagle/fox and lord knows i think a cactus makes everything cooler. So much symbolism, like that lone bird flying over the mountains.

Well last night was Bordo Bello, a skate deck art show that I made a board for! Here's some of my (terrible) pics, check the Bordo Bello site for some better ones.

Here's where my board was hung. I could barely get close to it because of the swarms of people and all.

And look, Jessica Hische had a board there! it's that gnarly one! isn't that rad Mkna?!

The art was cool and everything, but the best part was the dance party! That Dj was KILLING IT!

There's no way I couldn't join in!

And finally, here's the blank space my board once was. I tried to see who bought it, but never found him (or her). I hope it finds a good home.

All in all it was a fun time!

Now I have to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow, which is 24 hour comics day! Wish me luck!


GARZA said...

that show looks like it was pretty sweet, your board looked hella awesome! Wish I coulda been at that dance party with yall, looks like it was off the chain!

Cellar Door said...

That show looks awesome! Remind me next year again and I'll be sure to be there. See you tomorrow at Time Warp!

Matt said...

Looks like a boatload of fun. Next year, I want to see an animated .gif of you bustin' a couple of moves.

So what's the deal? You shelled out, what, $30 bucks for a Mahfood board last year but you couldn't spring $20 for that kid's board. Shame :( Just kidding, man.

Good luck tomorrow!

They call me EB said...

So fun, I want to do something like this! I also love that kids too.

Bryce said...

killer dj pix. i can't wait for 24 comics tomorrow.

Malachi Ward said...

Looks like a really cool show!