Monday, October 4, 2010

24 hour comic day!

This weekend was 24 hour comics day! It took place between 10 am saturday and 10 am sunday at Time Warp comic shop in Boulder, definitely the best comic shop I've been to in Colorado. I did so well I even managed to have time to do a fast daily comic:

People in this comic: Leila Del Duca (check her 24 hour comic pages HERE), Michael Prince and Scorpio Steele.

I did really well in the challenge, and completed my 24 page (well 22 page with an end page and an outro page...) comic and even had time left over to draw the cover and back cover! It's called 'Snood and the Destroyer's Hole.' I wasn't going to put it in mini comic form (I was thinking about just putting it in my next years collection of spinadoodles strips), but I'm pretty happy with it so I am going to make a mini-comic out of it. I'll make it like $2 or something. Here's a couple sample pages:

These are pages 2 and 3. I tried a new marker technique with this story. It took me like 5 pages to make it look ok, so the later pages are a little less confusing. Also here's some Snood 'fan-art' from my buddy Lonnie who was sitting next to me:

It was really fun, hopefully we're still in Denver next year so I can do it again! And finally, here's my comic from yesterday:


Gerald James of Andal said...

Nice! I can't wait until the mini comic comes out.

Jason said...

Man, I so wanted to participate this year. Maybe I'll just hole up some random day and get er done.

Good job on finishing, I think I would lose my mind.

GARZA said...

Sweet dude! I can't wait to read about SNOOD!

Sam Spina said...

yeah jason it was actually WAY easier than i was expecting (especially since i couldn't sleep the night before because i was to nervous/excited), but i think the only reason was that i was surrounded by other hard-workin cartoonists. doing this by yourself would be absolutely impossible, there's no way i would have gotten a quarter of the pages done.

Matt said...

Total sweetness. I can't wait to see that mini. Well done, sir :D