Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I got a REALLY awesome package from my buddy Josh Blair yesterday with a few of his mini comics, including the new CANDY OR MEDICINE comic that I drew the cover for!

You should get one, it's only $1. Buy it HERE.


Robin Cain said...

awesome comic today, Sam! Every panel is great... Do you know, every morning, my whole family comes and reads Spinadoodles??? You are kind of a celebrity here.

Matt said...

What? You mean you draw them differently and then crop them the same size before you post? I keep all of mine the same size because I use 1/4 of a Bristol board sheet. I like the limitations I have by doing that; I know I only have so much space to get my point across (and I try to pack those panels as much as possible sometimes).

They call me EB said...

I love the Candy Or Med. cover.

Sam Spina said...

Oh cool robin! i should come over and do a book signing in your living room. i can set up a table and stuff.

@matt you can't tell i do them different sizes?! some day's they're square, some day's they're long, sometimes they're drawn like 6" x 6", sometimes they're drawn 2" x 3"... I just use a sketchbook and am really willy nilly (?) about it. i'm going to start using a template so they're all the same size like yours. I like the idea of limiting yourself.

And thanks erin!

Matt said...

Sam, I noticed that you draw your strips in different lengths and configurations but I didn't realize that the size of them varies so greatly.

+5 points to you for being so versatile.

+10 points to you for your correct usage of "willy nilly." :D

On the subject of limitation, the best quote I've read was from the creator of the newspaper strip, "For Better Or For Worse" (paraphrased): "My ideas were like water in a plastic bag, chaotic and jumbled. By placing limitations on myself, it was like cutting a tiny hole in the bag and suddenly my stream was stronger and more focused." I love that.

Sam Spina said...

yeah thats a really great quote. i need a stronger stream.


Rafael Tapia III said...

yeah, thats such a good idea - Having a few formats and maybe creating some templates. damn it, now i want to do a semi-regular strip.

Sam Spina said...