Monday, September 13, 2010

more like sucky bands

Starting today is a CRAAAAAZY sale at Top Shelf! Check it out and spend way to much money like me! TOP SHELF'S MASSIVE $3 SALE!


Matt said...

Jeez. Is everyone into these bands or what? When I work in the Target electronics department in the morning (before the store opens), I always find, like, a dozen of them littered around the floor. Crazy.

I wish I had more birthday money to spend on Top Shelf books :(

GARZA said...

everyone is into those bands like crazy! Steven's super into them and calls them "candy"? weird ass kids

Sam Spina said...

haha candy? that makes it sound drugs or something. they are pretty stupid, but dammit do i like them! i don't know why, i just think they're cool. I looked into getting some custom ones made, but it's too expensive, like $250 for 1000 of them. I would sooo do that