Friday, September 10, 2010

HOME mega post 1

Another batch tomorrow...


GARZA said...

haha these are all great man! That's so awesome that you taught a 8th grade class!

Robin Cain said...

bwahahahahh!!! These are all great! my faves are Samantha's little sister reading your comics. Reminds me of letting my daughter read them... (I sometimes feel like a bad mom for not censoring, but I guess she's already heard those words a million times at school.) And your 8th grade class where you are an "artist" who draws "professionally". bwahahahah!

You're awesome.

Matt said...

1. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel is pretty awesome. I used to really like their breakfast bowls but they're not on the menu anymore. I usually go for the biscuits and sausage gravy now. Killer (both taste- and cholesterol-wise)!

2. You're a bad influence, Mr. Spina.

3. Cable's not such a bad thing. We have cable and 95% of it is crap so it doesn't really interfere too much. Besides, how else would I be able to watch The Bourne Identity whenever I want (besides buying the DVD, of course)?

4. Air Quotes Of Death. Straight up.

5. Apparently talent runs in the Spina family.

Can't wait to see the next batch, man. Glad you're back.

BradyDale said...

Yo, I want to know more about the appearance in the classroom. They invited you to come out and then she was making fun of you? What? Huh?

What did you do? How did it go? Did you get any kids to make any comics?

Sam Spina said...

haha thanks guys. @bradydale it was pretty last minute, so i just sorta talked about comics in general, how the comics i'm into and make are different from mainstream comics, and about doodling. haha the teacher wasn't trying to make fun of me, but she did keep calling comics cartoon animation. I got to do it because Samantha's sister was a teaching assistant.

Amalgamated Biscuit said...

Haha! Love the air quotes one.

"love" it.