Monday, August 2, 2010

Taco Bell / Clear up

It's true! Check it out for yourself RIGHT HERE! Also, to clear up anything about yesterday's comic:


GARZA said...

see I totally knew it wasnt you yesterday, I mean c'mon! duh! tear drop face tat, that sooo defines who you are! How could one mistake that!

I will never try a frutista now I know that it is a fish smoothie.

gereezi said...

I knew there was something fishy about that comic. See what I did there? So good.

I had my volume all the way up and my mouse cursor hovered over the bell on the top left. Scared the crap out of me.

girlfacedana said...

yeah! that's so gross. thank god I'm just pescatarian-I can still eat those desserts at Taco Hell.

Guess what I heard the other day: Yesterdays' spiced apples are cooked with bacon grease-did you know about this?

girlfacedana said...

hah! just noticed the teardrop face tat. good call, it's time you came clean to your readers about your gang-related past. It's alright, you paid your dues.

Matt said...

You're the 2Pac of autobio cartoonists, Sam :D