Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Corny and Jam comic!

Yesterday was the Denver Drink and Draw! I made this sweet jam comic with some awesome cartoonists. Panel by panel it's Lonnie Allen, Leila del Duca, Me, Lonnie again, Charlito and Leila again.

You can be awesome and help the incredible talent that is LEILA DEL DUCA become a full-time comic badass by supporting her Indie Go Go Project! She has a really good video explaining what she's trying to do and what you get if you help her out on the site, check it ooooooout.


GARZA said...

haha somehow documentaries about how fucked up the world and dealing with food always makes me want some fast food!

Robin Cain said...

Awesome jam comic!!! I love all the panels and the ending is perfect!

Have you ever seen Super Size Me? Ugh, I don't think I've been to McDonald's since then (except maybe once for french fries, which are food of the gods). The grossest is when he eats a huge big mac meal and pukes right out the car window. Just yuk.

Matt said...

Emily and I watched about 45 minutes of Food, Inc. on Netflix the other night, up until this part about a mother who became a food safety lobbyist after her 2 year old died from eating a hamburger infected with e. coli. Literally, like, three days later, I had a giant Angus burger combo at McDonalds. What're you gonna do? The whole point of Food, Inc. is that food production has changed more in the past 50 years than the previous 10,000 and almost all the food you eat is produced by one of about 5 giant corporations. Even if you wanted to change your eating habits, aside from growing your own vegetables and raising chickens in your backyard, there's not much you can do. Even organic food is pretty suspicious. I sometimes get the same feeling you do: when I was a kid, were things this fucked up or was I just not aware of it? Things seem so crazy nowadays.

diskgrunt said...

Food Inc. and those movies make me really appreciate living in Portland. Even our fast food places use free range meat ( BurgerVille) and local sourced veges. I have family in the midwest though, and there doesn't seem to be much choice other then corn feed processed beef food, and corn syrup.

Jason said...

The food system in north America is fuucked. You should definitely check out "Food inc"... or read "in defense of food" by Michael Pollan, which goes pretty in depth on the history of processed food, where it comes from and why it's terrible for us.

Also, and if you really want to think that THE WORLD IS ENDING you should check out "the end of suburbia". scary stuff!