Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lightrail catcher

I've got a few SUPER rad packages this past week! I got a few Not My Small Diarys from Delaine, BRYCE sent me his badass, crazy professional looking art book, that he perfect bound BY HAND, (he only made 27 of them and they're only $5, YOU NEED ONE, check it RIGHT HERE), and TYLER also sent me his new cd and some rad art too! I don't like making comparisons like this, but if you're into animal collective and panda bear, you would love his music. Check what pitchfork said and listen to one of his songs: ONLY BLEEDING.

While I'm talkin about music, I just downloaded MOUNT WITTENBERG ORCA, a concept album about a family of whales by The Dirty Projectors and Bjork! I think I've listened to it a thousand times since yesterday. and it's only $7! Go buy it!


Matt said...

Your taste in comics and music is unbeatable, sir.

Sam Spina said...

oh cool what did you listen too?