Sunday, June 13, 2010

Samantha's back and PHX con (finally...)

So I was like 25 minutes late to pick up Samantha because I was partying at KILGORE, a really badass local used book/zine/comic store. What a bastard I am.

I've been WAY to lazy to post this pics from Phoenix Comic Con, so I'm forcing myself to do it now. Me and Jon made a ton of small skeches/watercolor paintings and were selling then for super cheap! Here's some of mine:

Jeez I'm so bad at taking pictures. That last one of Ash is Jon's. Here's some more of Jon's:

Haha I love that Brock! The colors are so perfect on that one.

There were also some famous dudes there, like Levar Burton:

But more importantly, Aaron Douglas, who plays the chief on Battlestar Galactica! He signed the little painting I did of him (for Samantha) because I gave him Sharker!

Jon made a pretty sweet interpretation of Lou Ferrigno, who was there too, but I don't have it. Check Jon's post, with a ton more (better) pics RIGHT HERE!

Thanks PHX con! See you next year!


Robin Cain said...

Cool! The Frakken Chief is my favorite. I loved him on BSG.

Matt said...

You and Jon are both insanely talented. It looks like you guys had a blast and met some really nice people.

Freckled Sparrow said...

Pika! I like the sullen Edward too! Super stuff.

GARZA said...

haha ahh man those paintings are so awesome! Edwards big ass head! haha and the red supple fake butts!

They call me EB said...


I love the Edward painting.

Justin Wood said...

That Aang is pretty damn cool.

o f l o d a said...
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o f l o d a said...

Grrr! Sorry I got butter fingers today. Dude your work looks so bad ass. La Forge is dope. Do you ever plan on coming over to the LA area in the future?