Friday, June 11, 2010

Cut offs and Video Interview!

Me and JON had a small interview on a video podcast while we were at the PHX con. I still need to post a bunch of pictures from that. Anyways, we're at the 17 minute mark, where you can see that they misspelled my name and didn't put our sites on the screen! jeez. Anyways it's still pretty fun to see yourself on video.

Shelf Life Weekly Phoenix Comicon 2010 Vol. 1 from Shelf Life Weekly on Vimeo.


Matt said...

Sam Spina: Muscle Man!

It's so weird to see/hear you and Jon. After following your lives and stuff for, like, a year now, it's a whole different level to hear you guys speak. I didn't know you both had been friends for so long. What's the story there? Do I smell a comic about the Spina/Garza team-up?

Sam Spina said...

ha yeah i can see why that would be weird. me and jon made a collabo book called 'boob' that you can buy over on his site, i need to put it on mine soon too. there's a little into explaining our closer-than-brothers like friendship