Monday, May 24, 2010


Speaking of quotes, i finished my cover last night for my new YEAR ONE book, and i'm printing them today. THEY'RE HUGE. over 100 pages of every spinadoodles strip i did in the first year of making them. Since they're kind of expensive to print, i'm making them $7, which is pretty expensive for a mini-comic, so hopefully people will still buy them. I'm going to have them ready for the phoenix comic-con, which is this weekend (!), and then make them available online when I get back to Denver. Me and Jon are also selling our new, sweet-ass collabo comics mini there, and i'll sell those online if we have any left after the show!

I also had a sweet drawing sesh with some of Denver's best cartoonists, LONNIE ALLEN and NOAH VAN SCIVER. Other then making today's comic and some other sketchbook doodles, i made this comic. I was barely aware of what i was making (because we were talking and stuff), so i guess i'm pretty messed up if this is what i'm making sub-consciously.

What's my problem?


Robin Cain said...

Can't wait!

vhsdream said...

hahaha, love the family frog

Levi Krause said...

Family Frog made me LOL. For real.

Matt said...

Please tell me you used that Samantha quote. That's fucking comedy gold!