Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zach Braff and Summers

Check out this picture Bryan posted on his blog of me and Samantha. Long hair! And my collabo buddy JON GARZA put up more pictures of our sketchbook we're doing together! We're going to make a mini-comic of all the comics we made in it so far.


GARZA said...

haha damn chick flicks and zach braff..I was trying to make a comic while the princess and the frog was blaring in the background, ha

Matt said...

I thought Braff was good in Garden State. For the record, I was watching an episode of Dexter while I colored today's comic.

And that long hair on you, Sam, is bitchin'!

Robin Cain said...

Sam! I'm a sucker for long hair. I love it.

hey, I also loved your sketch book with Garza. I can't believe all the cool comics I've been seeing lately. There's so much talent out there!

LilWiG said...

"The last kiss" is one of the worst remake ever made. But I love the fact that you seem to be one of the very rare multi-tasking males in the world.