Friday, January 22, 2010

Stealing, Ticket and Tommy

haha, why would I date that one 1-21-06?

Well I have to say thanks for the love-fest that was my last blog post. I can't say how grateful I am that all you guys check my blog! Especially those who comment all of the time! But hey, what's a auto-bio comic without a little self-degradation every once and a while? Also, Check out this video I made on

And have you read this blog post about Toro Y Moi? It's really crazy when someone who generally makes fun of everyone makes a somewhat genuine post about how rad Chaz's music is.


mk said...

Sumtimes you just gotta laugh in the face of the man, Sam. Don't let them speedin tix can't hold you down.

Hahah love the video - "G Goddammit you fat fat fat fattie"

GARZA said...

Hehe I really like your expressions on both strips, very dynamic! And that video was freaking awesome! You should totally do some more animations, I've been wanting to do a short flash animation for awhile but it's too much work for only like a couple seconds of stupid stuff, hah

Sam Spina said...

thanks mk and jon, but just so everyone knows, I made that video on some website in like 10 minutes, you just pick out the characters you want to use and they do all the hard stuff for you! you should make one it super funny

Matt said...

Sam, those torrents can be addicting... not that I... you know... um... So, speeding ticket, huh? That sucks.

TAC said...

Looks like more than just Denver has such a slow Freeway speed limit, look at Connecticut!

I hope that you find a better job soon, if I hear of any jobs around the Denver area, I'll let you know.

Jason said...

hag, you cant call yourself a cartoonist if you're not self deprecating! yer comics are fun, keep em going.

love the expressions on these

Marta said...

about stealing Toro`s music: i`d love to buy it but it won`t be even available in my country.

great drawings