Sunday, January 24, 2010


And check out this awesome Spinadoodles Tribute comic fellow daily auto-bio cartoonist, MATT G made! So cool.


duffyallen said...

That last show was sappy, funny, sad and beck was there. I can't wait 7 months.
Excellent comic, it's says a lot about how dedicated fans are. I mean, You and your girlfriend were doing the exact same thing me and my girl friend were doing last night, probably at the same time, And probably s million of other couples had laptops propped up on chairs to, I hope, right?

Matt said...

I've never been a big Conan fan (and I've never liked Leno) but that whole situation was insane. I'm glad you mentioned the show being on Hulu because I wanted to watch it and I thought I missed my chance. And duffyallen is right, the detail of the laptop on the chair is awesome.

mk said...

That last episode was great. team coco 4 ever. I pretty much watched it the same way, haha. thank you huluuu