Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bryce and RIP nick mag

A couple weeks ago my Columbia friend Bryce sent me a SIIIIICK postcard:

I wish I could link to his stuff, but I don't think he has anything online yet. He did do the cover of local cola band AUSTIN CRANE'S new cd. Check it HERE. He draws a ton of tiny lines with those .005 microns and all his stuff is incredible. Since I usually never do a ton of detailed line work, I tried his technique with a postcard I sent back:


Jason said...

the liney style works for you :)

and... yeah, poor nick mag... :(

GARZA said...

ah jeez that was really sad news hearing there done, and it was super sad that we had to leave!!! snif sniff *tears running down my eyes*

by the way very cool shading lines, have you tried stippling before? its a bitch.