Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So that skateboard deck I painted a while ago was for a show called Bordo Bello. It was a pretty cool event, here are some comics about that night (p.s. - something crazy happens...):


Crazy right?!?!! I bought Jim Mahfood's deck! It was retarded how cheap all the decks were, the starting bid was $25 on all of them, which is half the price of a store bought skate deck (i don't understand why they would do that...), I don't think anything sold for more then $50 except a few sculptural ones, like one guy sold a crazy bench made out of boards for $70 I think. It's crazy, Mahfood was definitely the biggest name there, and I guess nobody noticed or heard of him.

I've been into his stuff for a really long time, it's nuts to say I own one of his original paintings. You should read his blog, he just put up an epic 9 page (but it will take you like an hour and a half to read it all) comic about a trip to france: INK STAINS. Looking at his stuff is so inspiring, it makes me want to draw all loose and funky with big drippy markers and pens. FOOD ONE!


GARZA said...

whoahohohoa! Thats too wicked man! So awesome you won the bid, but lame that Denver doesn't know about Mahfood!

Jason said...

That's a pretty slick board, at an amazing price too :)

Matt said...

Jim Mahfood is a GOD. Nice score, Sam. And tell Samantha that she's pretty damn funny.

Eef said...

Looks killer, and very cheap indeed!! Maybe it is proof that no skaters came to the artshow/ :D


greg! said...

my brother works for the creative department at esurance. his job title is "other." awkward.