Monday, November 9, 2009


That's not what Sharker really looks like, but yes! I am more then halfway done with adding washes, which is the final step for my new 24 page comic called "Sharker, the Forgotten: the Story of Sean Kerr." The only comic I have made with grayscale, Fresh to Death (which you can totally buy on the right side of this page for only two bucks...), was colored on photoshop. I wanted to try something different with the Sharker comic so I"m doing ink washes. Here's some test wash pages:

Hopefully, some of the lighter washes are going to still be seen when I print the comic. ANOTHER cool thing about my Sharker comic is that it's going to come with a mini-mini 24 page comic staring Shrimper (Sharkers side-kick)! So for the price of one mini comic you get two! It's either going to be 3 or 4 dollars, depending on how much printing is, so start saving up now!

The lame part is that I'll probably be done in a couple weeks, but I still don't have a scanner and the crappy one I use at Samantha's school sucks too hard to scan a real comic in. But I'll figure something out!


Matt said...

Very cool. Just in time for holiday gift-giving?

Jason said...

I think a wash suits your style. I may have to give it a shot at some point too!

Patrick Jeffords said...

dude i am pumped on dem comics

Eef said...

can't wait till it's out!!