Sunday, November 1, 2009

What the hell, blogger?

Welp a week and a half ago I left to go on tour with TORO Y MOI, ISLANDS and JAMINA PEARL, only to return to a completely jacked up blog!?!?!?! What happened? I checked and saw that blogger deleted like 5 of my posts and my header was all huge and crazy! here are all the deleted posts and now that I'm back there will be more to come from here on out. Happy Halloween!


Peter Richardson said...

I just love these comics Sam, great way to start the day.

Matt said...


What is it with some websites lately? You're having a tough time with Blogger and the new Facebook redesign is being a real bitch. I'm happy you're posting again, though. I'm glad for the repost, too, because I totally missed the "wrapping" joke in the Christo comic. Awesome!

I didn't know you were also out with Islands and Jemina Pearl. The new "Vapours" album is rad and I love Jemina's stuff with Be Your Own Pet. She's really talented and super-cute. How's her solo stuff?

Can't wait to see some new comics.