Monday, October 12, 2009

Cold Already

Check out this cool picture my buddy BUSH took of me a while ago. His photo blog is awesome, and he's been updating it almost daily! Keep it up dude!

And my friend Kevin started a cool USC design blog, and is thinking of making it a group blog so a lot of people can post. Looks cool so far and he gave me a shout out! Check it out: USC DESIGN GROUP


GARZA said...

sucks that all the heating places are like in areas totally random, nice light drawing!

girlfacedana said...

you already have a heating vent in your kitchen, it's called an oven?

insert "in the closet" joke here for when you use that vent?


They call me EB said...

We basically gave up on the heat in our first house we lived in last year, at any given day in the winter my roommates and I were on the couch under, i kid you not- 3 blankets each. You get used to it. Oh and a nice surprise, my new place: Heat doesn't really work and while it's "trying" to work it sounds like a Mac truck is running in my apt. These are the only things that make me miss SC.