Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I forgot!

So I moved to Denver. That means that I have no computer labs to scan my comics in. I already have a list of things that I'm going to buy when I have a job and a scanner is number 1. Anyways Samantha gets her DU (university of Denver) card tomorrow, so maybe I can use one of their scanners.

Here's some pics of my new apartment:
The outside:

The living room from the "office":

The kitchen:

A view looking in the front door to the "office" (my desk is behind the door and check that sweet bookshelf we just bought!):

The bedroom view from the "office":

The apartment is pretty small, but there was still room for my art table:

One thing that I have done these last few days was putting together a ton packages to mail my comics to people! Thanks to everyone who has bought comics and sorry it took so long to send!

Sorry this post was for the most part doodle-free, hopefully I find a scanner/job soon!


Matt said...

Looks like a sweet set-up (coincidentally, I have a cactus by my drawing table, too). I hope you get up and running soon; can't wait to see more of your work.

shtine said...

i can live in yer house?

Bryan's World said...

cool sam!!
good luck!!!

GARZA said...

very cool apartment man, I cant wait to go visit!

Patrick Jeffords said...

yeah nice digs man i miss you

Blue Indian said...

Just got your package. I'm getting married in 7 days, so I'll be enjoying the comics on my 9 hour flight to Hawaii for my honeymoon. Will for sure post something on The Blue Indian about them.

Gonna copy/paste this message to Facebook, so I know you got it.

PS: The artwork on the envelop and the letter with the blue indian was frickin awesome.

Jordan said...

YES! Congrats on the new place and new city. I got the package yesterday and am making my way through each of the comics. So great.

You should definitely plan on coming to SF for this:
And if you are ever going to be here, we have a futon and sofa with your name on it.

Hopefully I will make it to Denver sooner than later. In the day I was in it's burbs, it seemed like a beautiful place.

Malachi Ward said...

Yeah! Mine's on top!