Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spinadoodles V.2 and Trade Pandemic Charleston!

My new comic Spinadoodles Volume 2 is out!

It collects almost 3 months of the daily comics in one easy to manage package! only three bucks! aye carumba, what a deal! it's like a dollar for a month of daily comics!

I also went to Charleston last Friday to sell all my comics at an "art collective" called Trade Pandemic. Here's me at my table:
Polaroid courtesy of PATRICK and the drawing's by me, but it was colored by THE BUSH. All in all it was an Ok night, the turnout was pretty bad, but BILL CROSBY played and me and Patrick had fun doodling until he got kicked out for drawing on the bathroom wall. I did sell like 12 comics, so it wasn't a total bust. TRADE PANDEMIC is doing the same thing in Columbia at the Art Bar on Saturday, so please come and buy comics from me!


GARZA said...

that sucks there wasnt a good turnout, but thats still sweet your getting your stuff out there! nice shirt too!

They call me EB said...

The cover's awesome, esp. how you listed "stupid comics" twice. haha.